About Us

I started Pashmina Collection in 2013, because I couldn’t find the right thing to wear to my Friday night meals. I wanted a dress that was chic, comfortable, warm, and modest; one that I could wear when hosting friends and family, but that was comfy enough to snuggle on the couch and read books to my three beautiful kids. When I couldn’t find it, I simply decided to make my own. Seems I wasn’t the only one in search of a dress like that. Some called it a robe, others a maxi, still others dressed it up and wore it to family parties. One thing was clear- there was a need for dresses for busy women who wanted to get dressed in 30 seconds or less, without compromising on looking fabulous. Pashmina Collection was born.

Since those humble beginnings, we’ve made a commitment to ensure that all our dresses are made to last, using only the finest materials sourced from every corner of the globe, not to mention local producers here in NYC. Since then, we have learned a whole lot about manufacturing, and continue to learn and grow. We have developed our range to include short dresses for everyday wear, as well as long skirts, and of course, our first love- beautiful maxi dresses.

At our core, we want every woman wearing a Pashmina to look and feel glamorous. We make that happen by keeping true to our company values:

  • We are proud to support local businesses. All our manufacturing is done locally; right here in the Garment District in NYC, which is why our dresses are sewn to perfection.

  • We are proud of our partnerships with local retailers, who sell our collections in their beautiful boutiques. Supporting our community and each other is a privilege; we feel honored to call our Stockists friends as well as business partners.

  • Every dress needs to fit perfectly. Period.

  • We never rest. We are always on the prowl for new fabrics, new trends, new ideas.

You can view our collections on our website, and you can purchase them at any of our Stockists (see the Stores tab on our site) or via our website. We now sell our collection in high-end boutiques in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami, and Los Angeles, and have expanded internationally to Canada, London, and Israel. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on our newest collections and to see our behind the scenes work and inspiration, as well as an occasional customer feature! I’m delighted you have chosen Pashmina Collection; if there is anything that needs improving I would love to hear from you!

 Happy Shopping!



Connie Wolf

CEO and Founder



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